Evaluation of the Class

I think that the class was great. I had no problems with the teacher and felt that she fully understood what she was talking about. I really liked the guest speakers, they helped us learn a little more and into more depth. I think that the best part of the class was having to do assignments that were somewhat like field trips. The environmental photos, the night photography, etc. I think that I was limited on what I could do because of what happened to me, and I know you held me to higher standards but I just wasn’t able to walk and photoshoot the things I wanted to at that time. So I’m sorry. But all in all, I loved the class. A fun teacher, a great attitude, and always had a game plan.


McDonald’s Box

I decided to go with a Chick Fil A box… I hope that doesn’t make me fail the assignment. But, I was able to photograph only able myself. I thought it was a cool assignment. It’s crazy to see that you don’t need the nicest gear the best flashes, all you need is a little light and a cardboard box to reflect some light over your subject. The other images I took were just to see how well the light reflected off and I think they came out pretty cool. I think that my issue was not having a strong enough flashlight, I really had to put the light close.


This class had its ups and downs for me. I really enjoyed all of the guest speakers and what they brought to the table. They all inspired me to create better work and drive to do what I really want. I think that my favorite sessions this year were the Photo Booth Project because I had a great group of friends and an amazing idea behind it, thanks to Gareth. The Photo Booth Project turned out to be a blast because we talked to random strangers about what we needed and although we were turned down quite often, we landed around 65 people. The other project that I think was best was the flash, where a gentleman (I forget his name) taught us how to use the flash a little better than I had understood. I think that this project was fun, even though I had only got two photos, because I knew how flashed worked but not to the extent that he knew. He taught us to look for certain things in a photo that you don’t typically look for which helped me in my last big photoshoot of a quinceaƱera. The project I liked the least was the diptych and triptych’s because I had just had surgery that week and tried to get creative in my room but couldn’t find anything that would flow. The images came out terrible and I wasn’t sure I could complete the assignment to my full strength considering my circumstances.

Blurb Book

I decided I would do my book as a portfolio of my best work. I am proud of the work I’ve done in the past couple years, where I’ve worked for a lot of people and traveled all over the world with my camera. The book is named “Visuals” because it’s what I have seen and my visual take on it. The book contains roughly 20 pages of about 40 images from surfing to commercial work. I am excited to see the way it came out!


Richard Avedon – Darkness & Light

I was very surprised while watching Richard Avedon’s Darkness and Light on youtube because he was always following his political concerns. He photographed everything, and felt he wanted to be braver even though he is one of the most celebrated and richest photographers. His studio work is unreal, from the bees on models heads to the strong scars across the belly. His portraits showed a story in them, not just a picture where you had to guess what it was. I believe that he is a strong photographer who was lucky enough to shoot some of the greatest people out there. He also shot fashion, which showed a lot of moving in the images, whether the model be falling, leaping, etc.

San Elijo Flash Photography

On Thursday, March 21st, we went to San Elijo Town Square to photograph using flash photography. A gentleman who was very experienced with flash photography helped teach us a little bit about how flash works and what to look out for when shooting on flash. I really enjoyed this outing because although I am experienced with flash, I learned how to use a flash with an umbrella. We were only able to take 2 photos because he was busy teaching us about settings and how to shoot some particular shots. This shoot reminded my of my settings for the studio shoot where I shoot wide open.